shameful! Lucknow rape victim forced to sit in filth, hospital mistreated


Lucknow: In a viral video, a rape victim said she was mistreated by hospital staff for three consecutive days as she was sent for a medical examination by the police.

A video posted online by journalist Versha Singh, of Jagran News, in which a girl from Lucknow claims that she was raped by Sandeep Yadav. The girl approached Vibhotti Khand Police Station where she filed her complaint.

After the procedure, the victim was sent to the hospital for a medical examination where she did not receive any treatment and instead doctors said her medical reports had disappeared.

While recording herself in a video, the girl said that she was weak but the hospital did not give her glucose. She said she was sitting in an unsanitary place.

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She said the doctors said half of her reports were gone, so she would have to get them first and then, they would be taken out.

She asked for help, the girl said that her child was taken from her for three days. Her baby has a fever as he cries to meet his mother.

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