Shameful! Wife lovers try to strangle sleeping husband to death then…


Haridwar, Uttarakhand: In a village under the jurisdiction of Haridwar Bahadarabad Police Station, the wife of a man who was in an illegal relationship tried to strangle him along with her lover. Fortunately, the victim was able to make some noise. As a result, his children woke up and caused a riot.

The neighbors arrived at the house after hearing the noise. However, the defendant escaped by scaling the wall in the dark of night.

The police have initiated proceedings against the wife and lover based on the husband’s complaint and are investigating the situation.

What exactly happened?

Vipin Kumar, son of Alipur resident Gyan Chand, claims his wife is having an illegal affair with a young man from the village. The accused youth Ajay, son of Pramod Kumar, was approached several times but refused to put an end to the affair.

Despite repeated advice, the wife and her lover are said to have tried to strangle the sleeping husband on Friday night.

When the children heard the noise, they woke up and people around them flocked to the place. He was narrowly saved. During this time, the accused fled over the wall.

Police station chief Nitesh Sharma stated that an investigation has begun with the filing of a case against Vipin Kumar’s wife Annu and Ajay in the relevant sections.

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