Simple TIPS to sell your used car at the best price


New Delhi: If you are a new car buyer but are wondering how to sell your old car for a good price, today we are going to tell you some such tricks to help you get the best value from your used car. Before you sell the car you must have given some thought to the condition of your car and if you want to get your expected price then by all means follow some simple tips given here.

To wash

Before you show your car to a customer, you should definitely give it a wash because the person who buys your car should see your car clean and in good condition so that they are willing to pay a good price.


As the car gets older its color also starts to fade a little, so before you sell your old car give it a rub to keep your car looking shiny and the chances of the customer liking it increase.

Dry cleaning

In addition to cleaning the car from the outside, it is very important to also clean the interior so that the person sitting in the car has a good feeling, so it is very important to dry clean the car. All these above things are very important to make your car look clean, beautiful and attractive, so that the customer likes the car at first sight and he has no doubt about the condition of the car.

Ask for the right price

When discussing the price of the car, ask for a little more than your expected price so that after a little negotiation, you can comfortably get the expected price.

Keep the papers complete

Before selling the used car, fill out all the papers of the car and keep them with you so that the customer has no chance of postponing or canceling this deal.

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