“So proud of the boys,” Shekhar Dhawan after losing the ODI to SA


Lucknow: India lost their first international match against South Africa on Thursday night by 9 games despite some good efforts by the Men in Blue team. After winning the lottery, India chose to run first. Team Temba Bavuma – South Africa has driven 249 rounds in 40 times.

Team India came on the floor chasing the 250 goal and didn’t have a good start as they lost early wickets from the openers. Shekhar Dhawan (4) and Subuman Gil (3) left early within 5 times. Ruturaj Gaikwad then followed the openers for 19 rounds. Ishaan Kishan came to the stadium but could not make more than 20 rounds.

Despite this, India could not score the points required to win the game as they did not reach 9 runs.

Shekhar Dhawan says ‘He’s proud of it’

After the match, India captain Shekhar Dhawan said he was proud of the boys and the way they played. “Very proud of the way the boys played the game, we didn’t get a good start, the way Shreyas, Samson and Chardol played were excellent. We made a lot of runs on the little gate swinging and spinning, the field practice wasn’t great, but that was A good learning experience for us,” he said.

Earlier, South African roller coaster Keshav Maharaj said, “I was trying to hold onto my streak and lengths to make it difficult for the hitters in terms of not being able to escape, but I still think Shammu (Shamsi) threw exceptionally well and caught his nerve at the end and took us Across the line. Weave excessively. After a good hit of poicket in the T20s it was good to play on a spinning track. I thought Heinrich (Klasen) came in and absorbed (the pressure) really well and David (Miller) hit the ball hard and exploded at the back end and I think that’s It is the difference between us and the Indian side, who got that partnership to the end.”

“We’re just making sure we’re doing the right things and hopefully we can put in more offers to go forward towards the World Cup,” he added.

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