Social media is a ‘very powerful medium’ and must be held accountable: EU IT minister


The Indian government wants to focus on social media accountability. Recently, Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said that social media is a “very powerful medium” and how to hold it accountable is “a very valid question”. He added that an ecosystem is being created across the world and in India. Also Read – Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Not Impressed With Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Version

Self-regulation is a first step towards social media accountability, followed by industry regulation and then government regulation, said Minister of Railways, Communications and Electronics and Technology. information. ALSO READ – Instagram plans to abandon video posting in favor of Reels: report

“Social media is a very powerful medium. Social networks have a great influence on our lives. How to make it accountable has become a very valid question across the world. Around the world, countries and societies are moving towards empowering social media,” he said while interacting with reporters on the sidelines of a program. Also Read – US FCC Commissioner Wants Apple and Google to Remove TikTok from App Stores

How can social media be held accountable

Asked about ways to make social media accountable, the minister said the first step was self-regulation.

“Any such content that creates a detrimental impact on society should be removed. Next comes industry regulation, then government regulation,” he added.

“Around the world and even in our country, an ecosystem, a thought process, is being created to empower social media,” Vaishnaw said after interacting with startups and students at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).

He also stressed the need for a “fair system” where the creator of content gets their share when social media platforms like Facebook reap profits by sharing it.

A person who works hard to create content should also get the benefits and part of the income if social media like Facebook gets it, he said. “Such a reflection is also in the process of being imposed”, added the minister.

“So how do you create a fair system, because this (social media) is a very big step forward. How everyone becomes part of this progress and how they become accountable – work is being done on these issues around the world,” he said.

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