Son of an opium addict kills four members of his family, then commits suicide in Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Jodhpur: Police said on Friday that an opium-addicted son killed four members of his family and dumped their bodies in a water tank at his home before taking his own life in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

On Friday, Shankar Lal killed his father Sunaram (65) with an axe, when he was working on the farm, then killed his mother Champa (55) and his two sons Laxman (14), Dinesh (8), SHO (Lohat). Badri Prasad said, PTI news agency reports.

The report added that after the murder, the 38-year-old man dumped his body in a water tank in his home and drove to his relative’s house nearby, committing suicide by jumping into a tank there.

Police officials reported that Lal, a farmer in Biloa village, was addicted to opium.

The report added that the police suspected that Lal drugged his family because his wife and other family members who were also present at the house were unaware of the events that took place there.

Police recovered the bodies from the water tank on Saturday and opened an investigation.

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