Sonu Sood Responds to Chandigarh Video Leak Incident: ‘Be Responsible’


New Delhi: Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood has responded to the video leak incident at Chandigarh University. The actor called the incident very unfortunate and urged netizens to stop further distribution of the leaked video. He stressed that these were testing times for us and urged everyone to show some responsibility.

In a tweet, the Dabangg actor wrote: “Something that happened at Chandigarh University is very unfortunate. It’s time we stood by our sisters and set an example for a responsible society. These are the testing times for us, not for the victims. To be responsible.”

For the layman, an inappropriate video of female students at Chandigarh University was allegedly leaked by a fellow student. At the university’s girls’ dorm, a student reportedly re-encoded a video of about 60 girls bathing and uploaded it to an adult website. The incident had drawn national criticism as several protests took place across the country.

The authorities have assured the students that the perpetrators will be dealt with severely and urged them to keep the peace. Contrary to multiple reports, police have denied reports of death or injuries or attempted suicide following the video leak. “It’s about a video shot and distributed by a student. The FIR was registered in the matter and the accused student was arrested. No death related to this incident reported. According to medical records, no attempt (suicide) was reported,” Mohali SSP told ANI news agency.

The perpetrator was identified and arrested by the police. Police have found that only one video exists, and that is of the accused herself. However, they have taken custody of all the electronic devices. “She didn’t take another video of anyone else. Electronic devices and mobile phones have been taken into custody and are being sent for forensic examination,” the SP added.

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