Spinach-beet soup will not allow oxygen levels to fall, immunity will also be strong; Prepare like this

Naturally present iron and nitrous oxides give enough oxygen to the lungs. After the success of 40 patients, Ayudhacharya of Lohia Institute wrote a letter to the Ministry of AYUSH. RBC is increased by consuming spinach-beet soup.


The lungs of patients getting cornered by a fatal corona infection are not getting enough oxygen. Due to this, the life gets in trouble. So much time is wasted in finding oxygen cylinders and arranging beds in hospitals that most patients are dying before treatment even starts. Everywhere there is a massacre of deaths and the helplessness of the people who take care of the patients.

However, its treatment is present in your home. According to experts, the spinach and beet soup corona does not allow oxygen levels to fall in patients. Drinking this provides enough oxygen to the lungs, which makes it strongly fight the corona. After the success of about 40 Corona patients, Dr. SK Pandey, the Ayurveda Professor of Lohia Institute, has written a letter to the Union Health Ministry and the CM, to try this experiment on other patients as well, so that the patients can be prevented from becoming serious.

Dr. SK Pandey says that the zinc, vitamin B-12, vitamin-C, calcium, etc. being given to the patients in the treatment of corona in allopaths are naturally present in spinach and beetroot. It is also rich in iron and nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide released from iron increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. This provides plenty of oxygen to the lungs. Also, its soup grows red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC). This strengthens the immunity to fight against the corona.

RBC conducts oxygen in lungs:

Dr. SK Pandey said that the coronary infection causes the arteries of the lungs to become narrower. This does not allow sufficient oxygen to the lungs. Pneumonia also occurs in this condition. As a result, water starts filling up in the lungs. In such a situation, the patient’s oxygen level drops rapidly.

But RBC increases by consuming spinach-beet soup. RBCs act as oxygen conduits to the lungs. Adequate oxygen increases the working capacity of the lungs.

Nitrous oxide present in iron increases the amount of oxygen in the blood reaching the lungs. In such a situation, the oxygen level of the patient does not fall. He survives being serious. He said that after nearly two years of extensive research, it was being given to correct blood circulation in the patients of neuro.

It also works to open closed blood vessels. This provides sufficient oxygen to the essential parts of the body. Now it has also been found effective in corona patients.

Here’s how to make soup:

Boil one kg of spinach and one kilo of beetroot in a cooker for 10 minutes without water. In the meantime, filter the boiled cubes of spinach and beetroot to use as a soup. Then it can be taken by adding rock salt and lemon. People who are not positive can also take it. This will also strengthen immunity.

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