Stable rates attract buyers; gold slides for Rs 4,686, silver for Rs 18,700


Gold Price Update: Gold and silver prices have been rising steadily over the past few days as the wedding season begins. However, after the rise of the previous three trading days, on Thursday, the fourth trading day of this trading week, there was a modest weakening of the price of silver, when gold prices remained unchanged. While gold prices remained unchanged on Thursday, silver fell by Rs 350 per kg.

After that, gold sells for approximately Rs 51,500 per 10 grams and silver for around Rs 61,200 per kg. At the moment, gold costs Rs 4600 per 10 grams and silver costs Rs 18700 per kg.

Gold closed at Rs 51514 per kg on Thursday, the third trading day of the current trading week. On the other hand, the price of gold rose by Rs 556 per ten kilos to close at Rs 51,514 per ten pounds on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the price of silver fell, as did gold. Silver fell by Rs 350 to close at Rs 61,200 per kilo. On the other hand, silver rose by Rs 1,305 per kg to close at Rs 61,550 per kg on Wednesday.

Gold price from 14 to 24 carats

As a result, on Thursday 24 carat gold 556 rose in price by Rs 51514, 23 carat gold 554 rose in price by Rs 51308, 22 carat gold 509 rose in price by Rs 47187 , 18 carat gold 417 rose in price by Rs 38636. , and 14 carat gold rose in price by Rs 326 to close at Rs 30,136 per 10 grams.

Gold is Rs 4530 cheaper and silver is Rs 18,580 cheaper than its all-time high.

Gold is currently selling at Rs 4,686 per 10 grams less than its all-time high. Recall that gold reached an all-time high in August 2020. At that time, gold had reached a price of 56200 rupees per ten kilos. At the same time, silver price was down to around Rs 18,780 per kilo from its peak. The highest price ever recorded for silver is Rs 79,980 per kilogram.

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