I am ‘Indian’ before Tamil, this statement of ISRO chief went viral


These days, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is in the news for the Chandrayaan 2 mission and people are taking everything they said very seriously. In such a situation, a part of his interview given to a Tamil news channel in 2018 is becoming very viral, in which Sivan is describing himself as an Indian before becoming a Tamil. People are now discussing his statement very well and are building bridges to praise him.



Last year when he was interviewed by a Tamil news channel after becoming ISRO Chief and asked him the question, ‘As a Tamil you have reached such a high position, what do you want to say to the people of Tamil Nadu?’ (Pic – social media)



While giving a very interesting answer to this, the ISRO Chief’s Sivan said, ‘First of all I am an Indian. I have joined ISRO as an Indian and it is a place where people from all regions and different languages ​​of the country work together and contribute for ISRO. I am grateful to my brothers who praise me.




After the video clip went viral, people are praising his reply on social media. One user wrote that calling ISRO Chief first Indian and then Tamilian shows his honesty and love for the country. Proud of them.

Please tell that K Sivan is also called the Rocketman of the country and he has led many important projects of ISRO. K Sivan, who studies from IIT, comes from a peasant family and his father used to do farming. K Sivan completed her schooling from a government school in Tamil Nadu.


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