Stay Home Stay Empowered: Does your mood change moment by moment? You can be a victim of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder affects both men and women. Since it affects the functions of the brain, its effect is seen in the thinking and feeling of the people. This makes it difficult for other people to understand their situation.


A few days ago, there was a case of Kamini’s death in Assam. After the investigation, it was revealed that the cause of Kamini’s death was Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD). About 2 to 4 percent of the people in the country are victims of this disease. In this merge, the mood of the person changes rapidly. Kamini’s parents said that for the past few years, her daughter’s behavior was showing a change.

He said that Kamini was a promising student, but could not concentrate in any one activity for a long time. Was smart in studies. She had 94 percentage points on the board of XII. After this, he enrolled in Psychology (Hons) in a reputed college in Delhi. He did not mind this course and left it. Now he wanted to join the airhostess course.

After a few days, his tendency also decreased. During this time Kamini’s parents took her to a psychiatrist. After the test, it was found that Kamini was a victim of BPAD. After a few months, she moved towards hotel management and enrolled in an institute in Bangalore. After the course was over, he got a job in a big hotel.

And then Kamini died due to excessive drug consumption. In the current busy lifestyle, many people are becoming victims of Bipolar mood disorder, but it is a matter of difficulty that they do not recognize it, due to which many times the problem increases.

Bipolar disorder

The mood of a person suffering from bipolar disorder changes frequently. One becomes absolutely happy, then goes into a state of depression. Both states of happiness and sorrow are not normal. This state of happiness is called ‘manic’.

Bipolar disorder is divided into four categories – bipolar 1, bipolar 2, cyclothymic disorder or bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder affects both men and women. Since it affects the functions of the brain, its effect is seen in the way people think, behave and feel. This makes it difficult for other people to understand their situation.

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Mania status

  • -Speak fast and get ideas
  • -Energy levels rise rapidly
  • Lack of sleep

-Mood’s getting up and being more optimistic

-Activity in physical and mental activities

-Difficulty concentrating

  • -Decision making, poor driving

-Thinking yourself over the limit

-Depression Status

-Reduction in general activities

-Lessiness and energy loss

-Aggressive behavior

-Grow irritable nature

  • Prolonged state of melancholy

-No sleepiness due to excessive sleepiness or restlessness

Difficulty concentrating

Not feeling happy in something

-Drinking or overeating

-Anger, anxiety and discomfort

-Deliberation emptiness or suicide

Generally, this condition lasts from a week to a month in adults. However, it can be less than this. The condition of menic and depression is irregular and its pattern is not the same. This is to say that its symptoms are not always the same.

Side effect

Bipolar disorder leads to addiction of drugs and alcohol in some people, but alcohol and drugs prove to be poison for people suffering from bipolar disorder and they worsen the condition of the person, which makes their treatment to the doctor It becomes more difficult to do.

The Scientific Side of Bipolar Disorder

However, no universally accepted scientific solution of bipolar mood disorder has been provided so far. But most scientists blame biochemical, genetic and environment for this.

This is due to an imbalance in brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). An imbalance in neurotransmitters causes the mood-controlling system to go awry. At the same time, genes are also major factors for this.

If someone close to has a bipolar disorder, the chances of it happening to a person increases to a great extent. This should also not mean that if you have a bipolar disorder, it will happen to you as well, it is not so. At the same time, the environment is also attributed to psychological mood disorder.

Due to the death of a person in the family, divorce of parents and many other traumatic accidents, the person becomes a victim. Bipolar disorder occurs due to a defect in the structure of the brain. Some studies have shown that such a problem occurs because of disturbances in the mandula, prefrontal cartex, and hippocampus.

The treatment

Bipolar mood disorder can be identified and treated. Symptoms of this disorder are not difficult to detect in adults. Children and TNGers do not have the same symptoms as adults, so it is difficult to recognize them. The current and past experiences of TNAgers are examined before treatment.

Apart from this, information about the behavior of a person is also obtained from family members and friends. It is sometimes considered as a post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in TNZers, making it difficult to treat. Treatment is mainly based on practical symptoms and signs. Tests are done later.

A CT scan shows a large form of brain bentricles (where the cerebrospinal fluid is collected).

Bright spots can be seen by MRI of the brain. A study done at the University of Michigan revealed that the number of brain cells secreting the chemical in people with bipolar mood disorder is 30 percent higher than that of ordinary people.

In addition, they have an excess of calcium or cortisol (the stress hormone secreted by the adrenal gland) in their brains. An abnormality is seen in the brain’s cell receptor.

This is how treatment happens

A person’s age, weight, demographic profile, family history, medication effects, and metabolic, endocrine, and cardiovascular profiles are seen when choosing a mood stabilizer. The medical profile of the person is checked before determining the dosage. A person’s ECG, diabetes and thyroid test are administered to check the effect of the medicine.

Medication is given for two to three years to keep the mood stable. About half the rest is available in the first six months. Bipolar disorder and thyroid are interlinked.

Lifestyle is responsible

In most situations, its symptoms are not recognized. Problems of bipolar disorder occur due to problems such as job busyness, problems, marital problems, frustration in the stock market, property disputes and dispute with children.

Celebrities have also been victims of this disease

Boxer Mike Tyson, actors Robert Downey and Wayne Damey, writer Virginia Wolfe were also victims of a bipolar disorder.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is mainly due to a shock or an accident in childhood. When people do not recover from shock for a long time, it becomes the cause of the disease. Often people associate this disease with schizophrenia. It is to be kept in mind that these two diseases are completely different.

In films and stories, patients with multiple personality disorder are shown to be of a dreaded type, while the reality is completely different.


People do not have the knowledge of time in multiple personality disorder, they do not even realize that time has passed. Apart from this, the major symptoms of this disease are depression, phobia, suspicion, restlessness, suicide, intoxication. In addition, victims of multiple personality disorder tend to bite their skin. He complains of severe pain in the body, as well as problems of eating disorder and headache.

Treatment :

First aid therapy is the treatment of multiple personality disorder. Play therapy, talk therapy, hypnosis therapy are used for the treatment of this disease. Generally, psychiatrists do not give preference to the treatment of this disease. During the treatment, it is tried that the person should not see real life in shock.

Therapy is a long process, so treatment of this disease takes a long time. People associated with clinical research also believe that if the therapy is done continuously, then this disease can be corrected.

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