Still going office? Stay away from corona infection by taking care of these things

To prevent corona infection, along with the closure of the school college, work from home has also been provided in the offices, but still many offices are still open for the necessary work, so keep the office goers in mind.


Given the critical condition of Corona, most offices have been turned around from work to home. And in many places only a few selected employees have been allowed to come. So if you too have to go to office right now, you need to be very careful.

1-Traveling in public transport is not safe. Whenever you travel by metro, bus or any public transport, keep distance from other passengers and do not touch the vehicle seat, glass and poles by hand. If you have touched any of these things, do not apply your hand on your mask. Apart from all these prepositions, if possible, avoid traveling during peak hours.

2. In the office, it is your responsibility to keep a distance of 6 feet between each other when talking to your colleagues. Wear your face mask with it and keep using the sanitizer.

3-When we meet each other in the office, we shake our hands and greet us with a hug, but for now, it would be better to do hi-hello from a distance. You can also do hello. Also avoid touching any surface in the office, such as the door handle or your colleague’s laptop, etc. The habit of washing hands is to be adopted everywhere.

4-Now for lunch alone too. The habit of having lunch and sharing with friends or colleagues is more prone to infection.

Keep these things in mind too

-Work only while sitting in your seat in the office.

-Keep your surroundings clean.

-Avoid moving to the other’s seat.

-When talking with the colleagues, maintain a distance of 6 feet between each other.

-Always wear the mask because now viruses are spreading through the air.

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