Stolen or Lost Android Phone? Here’s How To Easily Find It


New Delhi: The use of smartphones has increased rapidly. Without a smartphone, many of our work stops. The problem comes when the smartphone is lost. But, you can easily track the stolen phone. After the phone is snatched, it is very difficult to track it.

But, it can be tracked even after the phone is switched off. For this you have to take the help of an Android app. Here the complete method is being told. But, before proceeding, let us tell you that if your phone has been stolen, then first of all file a complaint with the police.

You can also request the police to track the phone. In many cases, the police track the phone and hand it over to its original owner. However, you can easily track your phone by adopting some safety tips beforehand. Many apps will be easily available for this.

App is available on Google Play Store

Here we are talking about tracking it, even if it is off. Android users can download it from Google Play Store. Its rating is also very good. It is developed by Hammer Security. Its setup process is quite easy.

After downloading the app, open it and give some permissions. It also has a feature dummy switch off and flight mode. With this the phone will not turn off even after switching off, while the thief will think that the phone is switched off.

Location will be known

It will send all the activity of your device like location, selfie of the person holding the phone and other details to your given emergency number. This app also keeps sending the live location of the phone.

This makes it very easy to track. If you also use Android phone then this is a very useful app for you. It has also been rated very well on the Google Play Store. This will be of great help to you in case the phone is stolen. So you can try it.

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