Stop chasing the crowd when you can choose a career out of the box like Sanskriti Goswami


As long as this world is alive the chaos of choosing the right career can never be stopped. People from before the decade were also confused about their career choices and had to follow the crowd due to family pressure or less career guidance. Career guidance is an important part of a person’s life, especially when you are a student. Student life is a very sensitive phase of your life as it decides your future.

Though your future is unpredictable, no one knows where and how life takes you, but if you prepare yourself at the right time of your life then there will be less chances of regretting about your future in life.

There has always been a trend in some professions like engineering etc. Even if we talk about creative career options, singing and dancing has taken over all other creative professions because of these reality shows which are promoting singing and dancing a lot, thereby Parents also pressurize to choose such career. But what about the child? Does any parent ever wonder what their child wants to be? Or how to guide them to choose a suitable career option if they have no idea about it? It is very important for parents to know about their child’s likes and dislikes. You should let your child explore and see where their interest goes.

So many people, like Sanskriti Goswami, chose what they were passionate about or found interest in. Sanskriti Goswami is a certified celebrity nutritionist who was not passionate about nutrition but for some reason later found her interest in health and nutrition. Sanskriti is a popular nutritionist who has recently been crowned Miss Chhattisgarh in 2022. He also belongs to Korba, Chhattisgarh.

Does the question arise why we are talking about Sanskriti Goswami here?

The culture was also like any other kid who just loved to have fun and eat delicious food. Well, what else would you expect from a child? Everything was fine before turning 15. On the 15th, he was diagnosed with PCOD and thyroid, which somehow changed his life. He started gaining a lot of body weight which made him physically unwell. People used to shame and bully her for being overweight. This led him to depression and anxiety. To cure herself from anxiety, the little culture started binge eating which made her gain extra body weight and food became her stress reliever. As we all know that the things which make us feel happy, it does not mean that it is also good for our health. Thus, one day Culture decided to work on her body weight and never looked back.

He did diploma in nutrition and science and lost around 40 kgs which is a commendable feat. He also helped himself to overcome health problems related to thyroid and PCOD. Though pursuing a profession that helped transform her life, Sanskriti decided to help others who have gone through similar situations. He has got certification from INFS, ACE and FAB Academy. He also holds a Ph.D. holder in nutrition. As a result, she has helped over 3000 clients come out of their health issues. The motive behind treating every customer is to work on their mental health before their physical health.

Culture has been setting one goal after another. She is the CEO of Sansfit, an amazing fitness program. Sansfit is the culture’s fitness program that helps its clients to lead a healthy lifestyle without following any fad diets. It provides healthy products and foods to people looking for healthy and suitable diet plans and some specific workout programs.

Culture is also fond of dancing and acting. He is a theater artist. She likes to reel on her social media accounts encouraging her clients to do what they love and teaching them to keep themselves happy and healthy.

Choosing a suitable career is one thing and impressing others with your work and profession is another. Culture is not only doing what makes her happy but she is also influencing others to stay healthy and love their work. She is a versatile girl who is into dancing, acting, modeling and fitness. He is a perfect example of a true influencer.

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