Story of a Sadhu and his Disciple


A saint was going on a journey through the Himalayas with his disciple. The whole road was surrounded by lush green trees. Horror sounds of wild animals were heard moment by moment. When night came while walking, the saint kept his bag under a huge banyan tree for the night’s rest. After washing his hands in the river flowing nearby, the saint got absorbed in the evening worship under a tree. The disciple also sat nearby.
After a while, the sound of lion’s roar was heard in the ears of the disciple. He started trembling with fear. Then he saw the lion coming towards him. He quickly climbed the tree. The lion came under the tree. He smelled the meditating saint, turned around them and went back silently for a few moments.

The whole scene in silence was just watching the tree climbed. After some time the saint lost his attention, both of them ate some wild tubers and went to sleep. In the morning, after dealing with the daily tasks, the saint started towards his destination. While walking the saint was stung by a flying bee. He groaned at his pain. The disciple immediately looked at the saint and asked- Respected Gurudev! When the lion came in the evening and smelled your body, you did not panic even after realizing the real death. But you got distracted only after a small bee bite. But why so?
Hearing this, the saint said to the disciple – When I was in meditation, I was with God. When you are with God, what is the fear of what? Yes, you are with me at this time, so my scream went out.

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