Straw burning contributed 34 per cent to Delhi’s pollution: Savar


New Delhi: SAFAR (System of Air Quality, Weather Forecasting and Research) reveals on Friday that straw burning has contributed as much as 34 percent to air pollution in the national capital.

For the second day in a row, Delhi’s air quality remains in the “severe” category as the city’s general air quality index (AQI) jumped to 472.

Noida, part of the National Capital Region, recorded an AQI of 562, continuing to remain in the “severe” category.

Meanwhile, Gurugram’s AQI stood at 539 and continued to remain at “risky”, according to data from SAFAR India.

An air quality index of 0 to 100 is considered good, 100 to 200 is average, 200 to 300 is poor, 300 to 400 is said to be very poor and from 400 to 500 or higher is considered severe.

Residents of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) on Thursday woke up to complaints of suffocation and ‘eye burning’ due to smog and air pollution leaving people gasping for breath.

North Delhi recorded the poorest air quality with almost all stations in the region showing an air quality index above 400.

Most stations in the capital have a quality index above 300 with a few exceptions such as Mandir Marg in central Delhi.

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However, the forecast predicts that the air quality situation in Delhi and adjacent areas will continue to deteriorate further and expects an improvement from November 5.

Air quality is likely to remain within ‘severe’ today and likely to improve tomorrow to ‘low end of severe’ and air quality is likely to improve from 5th onwards to become ‘very poor’ due to upper level wind inversion preventing the flow of pollutants. Related to vibrations Higher surface wind speeds on November 5th are likely to disperse pollutants.

Schools ordered to hold virtual lessons

In the wake of the deteriorating air quality, authorities have asked schools to take online classes up to grade eight in Noida and Greater Noida.

Online studies will continue until November 8 or if otherwise notified by the deadline.

Meanwhile, restrictions have been imposed on outdoor activities in schools such as sports.

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