Subramanian Swami demanded that Lutyens bungalow be vacated within six weeks


New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked former Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swami to vacate his government residence for a real estate officer within six weeks.

Government housing was allocated to Swamy in Lutyens’ Bungalow District by a Cabinet Committee in January 2016 for a period of five years due to the security threat.

Swami, who was a member of the Rajya Sabha until April 24, filed a petition requesting reallocation of housing after five years.

According to media reports, he has gone to court with the security arrangements required for Class Z protection in mind, and the housing he was originally intended for must continue in his favour.

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain has presented appearing on behalf of the Central Government that while the Center continues to extend security protection to Swami subject to the necessary periodic review, it will not be possible to re-allocate the house in question to it.

He also confirmed that Swamy had his own apartment buildings to which he could move and that all relevant protection agencies should take all steps in the said building to ensure the safety and security of Swamy, reports UNI news agency.

Class Z protection can be provided at his place of residence. He has a luxurious house in Nizamuddin Sharqi, located in a very beautiful place,” Jain introduced.

This can only be done “if the Home Office ensures that it will do whatever is required to assist in the transition, safety and security,” said attorney Jayant Mehta, who appeared on behalf of the former MP.

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