Success mantra: Abhishek Parakkat gives motivation to new age entrepreneurs


New Delhi: Starting a business or a start-up at a young age is no easy task. You have less experience, skills and resources as compared to the stalwarts of the game. Today we have one such new-age Entrepreneur with us who through his exceptional skills and hard work has made a name for himself as one of the most rising entrepreneurs in the country. We are talking about Abhishek Parakkat. 

Abhishek, a young entrepreneur with a dynamic personality, having a clear vision to achieve goals has ventured into multiple businesses. His ventures like Parakkat Jewels, Parakkat Nature Resort, Parakkat Weddings, and Parakkat Software have become leading names in their respective industries. Managing such major businesses simultaneously is no easy task but he has handled it quite well. 

 When asked about how one can achieve success as an entrepreneur at an early age, Abhishek said, “No one can actually teach you to become an entrepreneur. It takes more than just an idea to get established. The key to establishing a successful business lies in Organizing, Analyzing, and Defining various aspects of your business. Being creative and judiciously managing your present resources will take you to great heights.”

first published:April 4, 2022, 7:08 p.m.

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