Supreme Court grants major relief to Nupur Sharma


Nupur Sharma controversy: The Supreme Court has granted significant relief to former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma in the case related to an alleged insult to the Prophet Muhammad during a debate on a news channel.

Several separate information reports were recorded following the statements of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on the Prophet Muhammad.

Nupur Sharma has appealed to the Supreme Court to move all her cases to Delhi. Giving great relief to Nupur Sharma, Justice Kant Bench of the High Court ordered all cases to be heard in Delhi.

The first case against Nupur Sharma was registered in Maharashtra. Subsequently, separate cases were recorded in West Bengal and Rajasthan.

“As this court has already recognized the grave threat to the life and safety of the petitioner, we direct all FIRs against Nupur Sharma and refer Delhi Police for investigation,” the High Court said.

“The petitioner had primarily sought the abolition of the FIR and as an alternative, it also sought the transfer of an investigative agency and its solidarity for the purpose of the investigation. However, the petitioner was impeached on 1 July 2022 for alternative measures in connection with the abolition of the FIR. But The grave danger to her life and freedom may be considered in the light of subsequent events.”

Earlier, on July 19, Nupur Sharma’s case was heard in the Supreme Court, where the court stayed the arrest of the imprisoned BJP leader until August 10.

“Her life is in danger. So all these cases should be transferred to Delhi. Apart from this, the summons are coming to Nupur Sharma from West Bengal and these cases have been registered even after the establishment of the High Court,” Maninder Singh, Nupur Sharma’s attorney, said.

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