SURPRISED! Within 3 hours after the wedding, the bride gave birth to a son


New Delhi: A strange case has emerged in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a husband refused to marry his beloved. However, they married afterwards. The woman gave birth just three hours late. The police played an important role in this whole process.

A girl from Ratupura Village, in the area of ​​Asmoli Police Station, had a long-term love relationship with the youth of the village. When the girl talked about getting married, the boy began to evade. At some point the boy stopped answering about marriage.

After that, the girl reached the boy’s house to confront him. He closed the door from the inside and a crowd gathered. The police were informed of the situation and intervened on site.

The police took the lover and girlfriend to the police station

The police opened the door and took them both to the police station. After discussions with both sides, the boy and his family agreed to the marriage. Three hours after the wedding, the girl had a stomach ache, and when she was taken to the hospital, she gave birth to a son.

Physical relationship was established under the pretense of marriage

In fact, the lover had many times engaged in physical relations with the girl under the pretense of marriage. After that she got pregnant. The girl told this thing to the family members. After that, the family put pressure on the boy to get married. When he did not agree, the girl reached his house on Saturday.

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