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New Delhi: Tina Dutta is one of Bigg Boss 16’s most popular contestants. Fans are particularly fond of Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta’s “love” angle. The actress stepped into the limelight with her popular TV show Uttaran.

Aside from being a great actress, Tina also loves the latest cars and other gadgets. Do you know that Tina Dutta is the proud owner of two luxury cars – Toyota Fortuner and Marcedes Benz?

Toyota Fortuner

The first car Tina owns is a Toyota Fortuner. It costs around 35 lakhs. The price of the Leader G variant is around 1,371,000 baht (Rs.29.85 lakh), the Leader V2WD is priced at 1,490,000 baht (Rs.32.42 lakh) and the third variant is priced at around 1,560,000 baht (33 Rs.94 lakh).

Check out Tina Dutta’s cars

Mercedes Benz

Tina’s second luxury car is Mercedes Benz. The cost of the car is around Rs. 70 lakhs. The Mercedes-Benz New C-Class 1997-2022 has 4 diesel engines and 6 petrol engines on offer. The diesel engine has 2143cc and 1950cc and 2148cc and 2200cc, while the petrol engine has 1991cc and 1796cc and 1950cc and 2996cc and 3982cc and 6208cc.

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