Taliban considers Pakistan as ideal country for afghan students, affirms Taliban minister


Kabul: Afghanistan’s Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani on Sunday described Pakistan as an ideal country for Afghan students which (Pakistan) will provide scholarships to the latter’s students. Meanwhile, the minister also cited co-education and economic crisis as one of the reasons for the closure of universities.

“Pakistan is an ideal country for Afghan students who want higher education because the country is cheap and shares similarities with the Afghan people,” Haqqani said.

Khama Press reported that the Taliban minister said they would have to create separate classes for girls and hire additional lecturers, which required more time and extra budget.

Haqqani said, “We discussed the problems of Afghan students and we were assured by Pakistani authorities. Pakistan increased the annual scholarships for Afghan students by 500. Afghanistan will be awarded 1,500 scholarships every year.”

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Haqqani was on a recent visit to Pakistan and discussed the problems of Afghan students with Islamabad authorities and the concerned administrations.

Meanwhile, Haqqani also said that no country would be allowed to award scholarships directly to people and that the scholarship would be managed through the Ministry of Higher Education, Khama Press reported.

He suggested the establishment of an independent university for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. It comes as public universities and high schools for girls are yet to be reopened.

After the siege, the Taliban proposed a ban on coeducation. Khama Press reported that group officials had also ordered that girls would no longer be allowed to sit in the same classes as boys in universities.

First published:December 27, 2021, 10:20 pm

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