Taliban hangs man in Herat for kidnapping, Tweeple says ’90s rule is back


In a shocking incident, the Taliban publicly hanged a man in Herat Main Square for alleged kidnapping. The video of the man being hanged in public is going viral on the internet with people saying that the incident reminds them of the 90s rule.

The video of the man being hanged in public was shared by a journalist. In the video, a man was hanged from a crane and he was covered in blood. A placard can also be seen hanging over them. It is said that he was hanged on the main square of Herat. A crowd was seen in the video, which was scared after seeing this horrific incident.

Several users shared and reposted the same video and said that they feel like the 90s rule is back. One user wrote that this is an insult to humanity.

Another user wrote that a person accused of kidnapping by the Taliban has been publicly hanged at Herat Main Square today. He also seems to have been tortured before hanging from the crane.

Yet another wrote that it was terrible and after 15 August, all criminal justice and rule of law institutions in Afghanistan collapsed.

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Earlier, Mullah Nuruddin Turabi said in an interview with The Associated Press that in the past Taliban executions took place in front of a crowd at the stadium, adding that no one should tell the Taliban what their laws are. Should be

He further said that Taliban follow Islam and they will make their own law on Quran.

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