Taliban to issue new passports and national identity cards for Afghan citizens


The new Taliban regime in Afghanistan has announced that they will replace the Afghan passport and national identity card issued by the previous government. New passports and national identity cards will have the name “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” instead of Afghanistan.

Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s deputy minister of information and culture and spokesman, said it is possible to have the name ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ on Afghan passports and national identity cards.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has said that passports and NIDs issued by the previous Afghan government will be valid for the time being.

Zabiullah Mujahid also said that, while the documents of the previous government are still valid and valid in the country, only those who have completed their biometrics can have a passport and NID in Afghanistan, as the Passport and NID Department currently are closed.

Earlier on September 16, a large number of people had gathered outside Kabul’s passport office saying that they needed to go abroad for the treatment of their family members and relatives.

Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 Augustth, and has made many changes since then. The ministry dealing with women’s welfare has been replaced by the ministry dealing with women. Girls are not allowed for their secondary level education. Punishment is being given once again in public places in the country. The ministry itself had ordered such harsh punishment. Just a day before this, a journalist was killed and his body was hanged from a crane in the city of Herat on Saturday.

Citizens living in the country fear for their safety, especially since the evacuation missions of the Western powers have come to an end.

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