Taliban’s Rahimullah Haqqani killed in suicide attack


New Delhi: Taliban leader Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani has been killed in a suicide attack on his seminary in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. According to reports, Haqqani was reading hadith in a madrassa in Kabul when he was attacked. He died in this suicide attack.

The Taliban government’s deputy spokesman, Bilal Karimi, confirmed the death of Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani. “It is with great sadness that the country’s great academic figure Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani has embraced martyrdom in a brutal enemy attack,” Karimi said.

It is being told that a complete conspiracy was hatched to kill Haqqani. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Rahimullah Haqqani has been attacked in the past, in which he was seriously injured. This attack on him took place in October 2020. This was also a suicide attack that took place in Peshawar.


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