Tamil Nadu Governor lodges complaint against miscreants for creating fake email accounts


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Oct 18 (ANI): The Tamil Nadu Raj Bhavan has filed a police complaint against Governor RN Ravi for creating fake email accounts against unknown miscreants, the Raj Bhavan said on Sunday.

“Some miscreants have recently reported creating fake email accounts posing as governors and sending emails with objectionable content. A complaint has been lodged with the police in this regard to prosecute the miscreants and others against them.” Appropriate legal action may be taken.” Release said.

“The official email of Raj Bhavan is governmentam@nic.in (govtam.)[at]NIC[dot]in) and the official Twitter account is @rajbhavan_tn. People at large are advised not to trust any other fake email or Twitter account.”


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