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New Delhi: Tara Sutaria is ready to start filming her next thriller, Apurva. The film is supposed to be a thriller. Directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, Apurva is all about a girl surviving a dangerous night and using her wits and strength in a high-stakes game of life and death. Tara will take on the title role.

On Tuesday, Tara Sutaria took to her Instagram story to catch a glimpse of her vanity car as she begins her Day 1 shoot for Apurva. In the Boomerang video, Tara looked fresh and active in a white suit with minimal makeup.

Sharing the look, she wrote, “Movie 6..#Apurva taiyyaaarr!!”

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A month ago, Tara Sutaria and her boyfriend Aadar Jain went on a romantic vacation to Paris. Tara Sutaria has posted a series of pictures from her Paris vacation on her Instagram profile.

The EK Villain Returns actress opened up about her relationship with Adar to Filmfare magazine.

Tara Sutaria on their relationship

Speaking to Filmfare, she said: “When asked about her dating life and how close the two families are, Tara Sutaria said, ‘Besides having a wonderful job and a great family and all that, what’s the only thing what is all this people, no matter where we come from, want?”

she added. “I’m very attached to people and I think we’re both alike in that way. We are attached to that special person and the people who are close to him/her. It helps to understand who he or she is and who they are.”

She also said: “A lot of people in his family remind me of people in my family. The warmth, love and generosity found in most Parsi households can also be found in Punjabi households. It was wonderful. I respect her and love her deeply because for me it is important that when you love you have to love deeply.”

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