Tempa Pavuma ‘really disappointed’ after the loss


New Delhi: The Netherlands wrote history on Sunday by defeating South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2022. The victory of the Dutch boys may not have helped move the tournament forward, but it smashed Proteas’ chances of sailing into the semi-finals.

The Netherlands defeats South Africa in excitement

In an exciting match on Sunday morning, the Netherlands kicked off the beaten path at the Adelaide Oval Stadium. After a solid performance from the team, Holland put 158 ​​throws on board in losing only 4 wickets. This proved their dominance with the bat and now there was a need to turn the game around with the ball.

The Dutch boys played well with the ball and sent off 8 South African players on the field for only 145 throws. When the last 18 rounds of ball were needed, the experts made a big statement about the failure of South Africa and the dominance of the Netherlands.

Tempa Bafuma ‘very disappointed’ with defeat

After winning 13 runs, Holland recorded itself as one of the biggest gains of her career. South African captain Timap Pavuma had nothing but great disappointment.

In the post-match press conference, Bafuma said: “Very disappointing. We played really well before this match. We knew it was a game to be won and again we stumbled when it mattered. It’s hard for the guys to swallow. We had confidence. And the faith to get to the knockout. You can choose a lot of things when you lose this way.”

Pafuma compared this defeat to the defeat against Pakistan and said that they lost the wicket at critical times. “With the bats, we just got stuck like Pakistan match. We lost a wicket at critical times. The wicket may have been a bit tricky, but they used the ground dimensions a lot better than we did. Of all of us, it wasn’t good enough.”

Group 2 table points and India qualified for the semi-finals

The loss from South Africa cemented India’s status in the semi-finals as they have the highest points in the Group 2 table, i.e. 6. The winner of the other semi-finals will be Pakistan against Bangladesh.

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