Thangaat Garba founders on how they made two brands work simultaneously


At a time when most have to deal with the Monday blues and the standard 9-5, the founders of Thangaat Garba set an example for those who want to follow their passions but can’t find the time. Back in 2019, Thangaat Garba was founded as both Parth Patel and Ankit Upadhyaya wanted to impart Garba skills and get more people dancing to the Gujarati folk dance.

What started as a small-scale Garba institute is now a full-fledged school with hundreds of students participating and winning Garba competitions everywhere. Perhaps it was precisely this passion that drove them to create ‘Thangaat Garba’, even though they started a cafe brand in 2014, which today operates as a franchise – Tea Pea Café.

“Garba was our passion. Parth and I have been dancing together for years now. Our friendship is deeper than if we were almost brothers. That’s why we wanted to follow our common love for dance and food by working together – whether it’s a cafe or a dance school. We had sleepless nights and ups and downs. But hard work and a lot of faith got us here,” says Ankit Upadhyaya while describing the concept of Tea Pea Café to create an artistic yet stylish place for the youth to hang out together.

Many young people are interested in both of their businesses and actively visit or participate there. The founders of Thangaat have already developed a plan to integrate the Tea Pea Café and the Garba school and are waiting for the implementation at the right time. They plan to offer offers to Thangaat Garba members when they visit Tea Pea, while customers of their cafe can enjoy certain benefits by joining their Garba school.

“We want to create a strong youth community and integrate both of our brands. So we have planned something special that we will soon implement so that our customers and students become the latter and vice versa to grow with us,” said Ankit.

Talking about the hustle and bustle in the beginning, Parth said, “Yes, initially it was a lot of hustle and bustle managing both – our passion for dance and our Tea Pea Café brand. We didn’t know exactly how we were going to do both, but it was only by both of us supporting each other, planning and strategizing that we were able to manage both.”

“Tea Pea Café was established in 2014 where we created a coffee brand that caters to the modern crowd who love their daily dose of ‘chai’. We designed the menu accordingly.”

“By 2022, we have 11 operational stores and 3 in the pipeline across multiple cities – Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar and even Goa,” says Parth Patel while talking about how Thangaat came about in a similar way . of pure love for dance and determination to do something for the culture of the state of Gujarat.

Thangaat’s online presence has long since come to the fore when in 2019, 2020 and 2021 Thangaat presented the first online Garba courses at Using pre-recorded garba tutorial videos, we designed a subscription model for students who can sign up and learn basic and advanced garba. In two years I have received over 500 registrations through the website. That said, Tea Pea Café’s first joint venture to turn a brand into a franchise also happened through social media and word of mouth.

“I love that people love to hang out in our cafes in Mumbai and other cities. The response was so amazing after the very first fork that we created more. And the same applies to Thangaat, as we are present not only in Mumbai but also in Europe!” said Ankit Upadhyaya.

Serving up affordable and delicious food in a cozy, intimate space with a terrace offering artisan teas and coffees, as well as European food and snacks, the dancing duo set a strong example that once you start pursuing your passion, you can become a brand. – “Follow what your heart tells you and strive for it. Once passion drives you, success will follow wherever you go,” writes Parth Patel.

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