The Chronicle of the Evil Year 2020 : Overdose of Disasters on Mankind.


The Chronicle of the Evil Year 2020 : Overdose of Disasters on Mankind 

Hard times never last but indeed it seems to be long enough. What else can be a better example than the year 2020 for this very cite. The year 2020 is undoubtedly the worst year to be faced in the last decade.


It has been such a happening year with an ample of accidents and overloaded with all the bad news of the world.


Whether it has been the pandemic, people losing their lives, people going jobless, homeless, the government, racial injustice, natural disasters, unnecessary havocs or any other bad news which hit the whole world pitiably. 


All the mishaps mentioned below are a proof to each and every unpleasant word used for this evil year 2020. Let’s see what not happened in this remorseful year. 


⚫The most deadly disease of all times – “CoronaVirus”, respectfully yelled as COVID-19, hit the entire mankind so dreadfully that it still gives goosebumps and makes us shiver head to feets. 


▪This disease outbreak in different countries at different times leaving them rigorously unresourceful. 


▪At first, no one had any idea of the symptoms of the virus and how it even entered the country. Earlier, many people didn’t even get to know what this COVID-19 is exactly. 


▪By the time people understood what this disease is, half of them were already affected by it and became its victim. It had been a cureless disease and one had no clue how to tackle it. This disease was declared as a “Global Pandemic” with no cure available. 


▪Many medicinals had been striving for months to develop a vaccine to cure the disease. Currently many have claimed that they have been able to get the vaccine ready which can work effectively against CoronaVirus. 


▪But initially, even the medicinials were damn helpless and the only thing they could suggest was to maintain social distancing, usage of sanitizers and face masks. 


▪This evil omen attacked mankind in all aspects. Whether it is the economy, medical facilities, socialism or most importantly the lives of people. Many people became it’s victims and handed over their lives to it. 


▪How ruthless any situation can become when someone has lost their beloved ones and they can’t even perform their cremation rituals because of the spreading of the disease.


▪Can’t even imagine how many lives have been deteriorated by this very disease. In case if it didn’t kill people by its effect, it’s impact made their life more miserable than death.


▪People lost their jobs and millions of them were forced to come on the road. The situation was pathetic enough to drown anyone’s heart in anguish. 


▪The whole world had to face “Lock down”, “Social Distancing” and “Threat of losing life” forcefully for the entire year. All the schools, colleges, offices, and all other public places got shut which made people get themselves enclosed in their homes. Many people got stuck at undesirable places helplessly. 


When people have somehow understood the situation and were trying to cope with their lives, other calamities made their way to us. 


⚫An enormous explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon. This blast devastated large parts of Beirut in August. It was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history which killed almost 220 people, injured more than 5,000 people and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. 


⚫The Bushfires in Australia occured which were deemed as one of the biggest natural disasters ever.  The extent of damage stretched from an estimated 18 million hectares of land burned, over 9000 buildings and homes demolished, and caused almost 400 deaths. 


⚫Earthquakes occured in China, Iran, India, Philippines, Turkey, Russia and the Caribbean. 


⚫Swarms of Locusts hit East Asia, Africa, and middle east India. 


⚫The cyclone Amphan hit  Bangladesh and India. 


⚫Assam floods caused another havoc in India.


⚫The forest fires  in Uttarakhand proved to be another nuisance. 


⚫Volcano eruption caused in Philippines were a cause of trouble as well. 


⚫Flash floods in  Indonesia were also devastating. 



Too much negativity now. The list seems to be endless. 


The results of the pandemic have been crazy enough to say the least about it. The pandemic has thoroughly exposed the failures of the government and social system as well. The unemployment rate shot through the roof which caused many families to suffer a lot. 

All these unpropitious circumstances made this year 2020 extremely worse. 


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