The couple went on their honeymoon on the train, the woman runs away


New Delhi: A couple was on their honeymoon after getting married. However, things turned out in a way that no one had foreseen. The wife cheated on the husband by running away with another man.

Nuh’s young man got married three or four months ago. On Saturday (September 10) he had gone on a honeymoon trip. The nine-married couple had boarded the Kalka-Howrah Express from Nuh. They were going from Kalka to Shimla. They were both happy on the train.

However, things changed at night, the wife was sleeping in her bed and the husband was in his bed. At 2.25 in the night, when the train reached the Cantonment railway station, the husband woke up to find that his wife was missing from her bunk. He started looking for her but couldn’t find her. He was disappointed and informed his relatives in Nuh.

The woman left with the cousin

After that, he reached the GRP police station for help. There he explained the whole incident to the police. After that, the CCTV footage was scanned. The husband was heartbroken by what he saw on the CCTV footage.

The footage showed the woman getting off the train with a young man and walking with him weakly. The husband identified the youth as Aftab, who is his cousin.

Aftab just arrived from Oman a few days ago. The matter was related to the family, so the husband denied the police action. He did not file a case against both of them.

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