The death of the Indian actor “Cello Show” who entered the Oscar Rahul Kohli due to cancer at the age of ten


New Delhi: Rahul Kohli, child actor on Chhello Show or Last Film Show, has died of cancer at the age of 15. He was one of six child actors in the film, which is India’s official entry for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy. awards.

“On Sunday, October 2, he had his breakfast and then after repeated bouts of fever in the following hours, Rahul vomited three times of blood and my child was no longer. Our family was devastated. But we will be watching ‘The Last Movie Show’ together on release day October 14th. After we perform the last purification rituals,” his father, Ramu Kohli, told The Times of India. Rahul was his eldest son.

Set at the dawn of the digital revolution, Last Film Show is inspired by Pan Nalin’s own experiences of falling in love with films as a young man in rural Gujarat. Set in the remote rural village of Saurashtra, the film chronicles the story of a nine-year-old who makes his way into a dilapidated film palace and spends the summer watching movies from a screening booth, sparking a lifelong love affair with cinema.

The film, starring young actor Bhavin Rappari as Samay, premiered at the 2021 edition of the New York-based Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro. On October 14, it will be shown in theaters. The Last Film Show will be shown in 95 cinemas across India the day before its official release, with tickets priced at Rs. 95.

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