The price of gasoline and diesel remains stable today. Check the price in your city


New Delhi: The price of gasoline and diesel remained unchanged today. Indian oil companies kept gasoline and diesel prices stable on Friday (October 7). In this way, today marks the 139th consecutive day as there was no change in petrol and diesel prices in the country. Regarding inflation, the news of relief for the general public came even today.
Today, government oil companies released gasoline and diesel prices for Friday, October 7, and oil companies did not make any change in gasoline and diesel prices, which gave relief to the general public for the 139th consecutive day. This means that oil prices are stable even today. While in the international market, the price of crude oil is rising again. West Texas Intermediate crude rose above $86 a barrel and Brent crude rose above $91 a barrel.
Earlier on May 21, the government lowered the production tax. Excise tax on petrol has been reduced by Rs 8 per liter and diesel by Rs 6 per liter. Since then the price of gasoline and diesel has fallen. After that, diesel became cheaper by Rs 9.50 and Rs 7 per liter in the country. After the status was announced, the governments of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha and Kerala also cut VAT.

At present, petrol is priced at Rs 96.72 per liter and diesel is sold at Rs 89.62 per liter. Meanwhile, petrol fetches Rs 106.31 and Diesel Rs 94.27 per liter in Mumbai. Petrol in Kolkata is priced at Rs 106.03 and diesel Rs 92.76 per liter. On the other hand, gasoline is sold at Rs 102.63 and diesel at Rs 94.24 per liter in Chennai.

The cheapest petrol and diesel are available here
The cheapest petrol and diesel are sold in Port Blair. Gasoline costs 84.10 rupees per liter and diesel 79.74 rupees per liter.

Gasoline and diesel price on October 7, 2022
Delhi: Petrol Rs 96.72 and Diesel Rs 89.62 a liter.

Mumbai: Petrol Rs 106.31 and Diesel Rs 94.27 per liter.

Kolkata: Petrol Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter.

Chennai: Gasoline Rs 102.63 and diesel Rs 94.24 per liter.

Hyderabad: Petrol Rs 109.66 and diesel Rs 97.82 a liter.

Bangalore: Petrol Rs 101.94 and Diesel Rs 87.89 a liter.

Thiruvananthapuram: Petrol Rs 107.71 and Diesel Rs 96.52 a liter.

Port Blair: Petrol Rs 84.10 and Diesel Rs 79.74 a liter.

Bhubaneswar: Petrol Rs 103.19 and Diesel Rs 94.76 per liter.

Chandigarh: Petrol Rs 96.20 and Diesel Rs 84.26 per liter.

Lucknow: Petrol Rs 96.57 and Diesel Rs 89.76 a liter.

Noida: Petrol Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.96 a liter.

Jaipur: Petrol Rs 108.48 and diesel Rs 93.72 a liter.

Patna: Petrol Rs 107.24 and Diesel Rs 94.04 per liter.

Gurugram: 97.18 rupees and diesel 90.05 rupees per liter.

Here’s why petrol and diesel prices are rising in the country

After adding excise tax, dealer’s commission and other things to the price of gasoline and diesel, their price almost doubles. Gasoline and diesel prices change daily based on crude oil prices in the international market along with foreign exchange rates.

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