The Queen’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey on September 19


London: Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral will be held at Buckingham Palace in Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September announced on Saturday.

She died Thursday at her Balmoral estate in Scotland, aged 96.

Before the funeral, the Queen will “lay in state” for four days at Westminster Hall for the public to pay her respects. Great Britain has also declared September 19 a public holiday in honor of the Queen.

The palace said in a statement that the Queen’s coffin is currently resting in the Ballroom of Balmoral Castle.

President Biden and other world leaders are expected to attend the funeral.

The world has lost an extraordinary leader – Prince William

In a statement on Twitter, Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince William, wrote that the world lost an extraordinary leader on Thursday and while I mourn her loss, I am also incredibly grateful. I have benefited from the Queen’s wisdom and assurance well into my fifth decade.

“On Thursday the world lost an extraordinary leader whose commitment to the country, the empires and the Commonwealth was absolute. So much will be said of the significance of her historic reign in the coming days. I, on the other hand, lost a grandmother.”

He continued, “She was by my side in my happiest moments. And she was by my side through the saddest days of my life. I knew that day would come, but it will take some time before the reality of life without a grandma feels truly real.”

The 40-year-old said that while he would “mourn” the loss of the Queen, he also felt “incredibly grateful” to have “benefited from the Queen’s wisdom and reassurance” throughout his life.

“My three children need to spend the holidays with her and create memories that will last their whole lives,” he added.

He added: “My grandmother famously said that grief is the price we pay for love. All the sadness we will feel over the coming weeks will be a testament to the love we felt for our extraordinary Queen.”

“I will honor her memory by supporting my father the king in any way I can.”

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