New Delhi: On Friday, the Supreme Court will hear the case of the Gianfapi Mosque, related to the preservation of the “relocation” area.

A panel headed by Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachod on Thursday took note of the filing of attorney Vishnu Shankar Jain, who appeared to some Hindu devotees, and said the order to grant protection would expire on November 12, according to PTI news agency.

“We will have a seat at 3 pm tomorrow,” CJI said.

On May 17, the Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction directing the protection of the area within the Gyanvapi premises in Varanasi, where the alleged “Shivling” was discovered.

The structure was found during a survey earlier in May ordered by the Varanasi court.

On May 17, the Supreme Court had directed the district judge of Varanasi to ensure the protection of the district within the Gyanvapi-Sharingar Gauri complex, where the ‘Shivling’ is said to be located, and allowed Muslims to offer prayer.

The case concerned an appeal by five women who demanded that they be allowed to perform daily prayers and practice other Hindu rituals at the site.


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