The tussle between Gautam Singh Vig and Shaleen Bhanot…


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 started off on good notes between Gautam Singh Vig and Shalin Bhanot but as usual, the Bibi Ka house doesn’t allow friendship to remain the way it is. In Sunday’s episode of BB 16, Shalin and Gautham had a fight when Soundarya Sharma kisses Shalin on the cheek.

In the episode, Soundarya was working out in the garden area, while Shalin Bhanot was seen talking to the former. During this, Tina Dutt, who was sitting nearby with Sumbul, was seen teasing him. He said that the treadmill is not working because of his presence. Later when it started, Tina said, ‘Kis toh bana hai’.

Soundarya kissed on Shalin’s cheek

Soundarya kissed on Shalin’s cheek. Meanwhile, Gautam reaches there and gets irritated when he learns about the scene. He tells Tina in the room that he does not like such jokes as he is very ‘basic and desi’.

Gautham also talks to Shalin in this matter as he likes Soundarya. The actor asked Shaleen if something was cooking between them which Shalin denied. Shalin said, he is still exploring.

He is upset that Shaleen was flirting with him, knowing that he has feelings for Soundarya. Shalin told that Tina had indicated to kiss on the cheek. Tina is surprised and says that she was just joking and warns Shalin not to throw everything on her. She said that she was only asked to show Sumbul that Shalin was not interested in her.

BB 16 Weekend Ka Vaar

Meanwhile, the first Shukravar Ka Vaar of BB16 has some fights and revelations in front of the BB 16 contestants. In BB 16’s Shaniwar Ka Vaar, Rashmika Mandanna and Neena Gupta will be seen attending the show’s stage. Host Salman Khan will be seen playing some fun games with both the actresses and the family members.

While Salman dances with Rashmika and Neena on Pushpa’s popular song Sami Sami, the host asks the contestants to recreate Pushpa’s famous dialogue to impress Rashmika.

MC Stan tries first, then comes Ankit, but Abdu Rozik, who impresses our Srivalli with his cute way of recreating the dialogues.

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