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New Delhi: Over the years, India has emerged as a prosperous place for women empowerment. Here are the profiles of inspiring women auto drivers, cab drivers and farmers who have set an example for other women.

Inspiring female auto driver: Ankita Shah

Thirty-five-year-old Ankita Shah has become Ahmedabad’s first handicapped woman auto rickshaw driver. Breaking all gender stereotypes and social norms, Ankita decided to enter this male-dominated field. Leaving a desk job at a call centre, Ankita has been driving an auto-rickshaw for six months to contribute towards her father’s colon cancer treatment.

While talking to the media, Ankita Shah said, “I was just one year old when I lost my right leg to polio. It had to be amputated. I was fortunate enough to have completed my bachelor’s degree in economics by my family and myself. The world, in general, was not encouraging.” In 2009, Ankita moved from her hometown Palitana to Ahmedabad in search of employment. In search of a job, Ankita faced many rejections because She was not fluent in English, came from a small town, but most importantly because of her prosthesis.

Inspiring lady cab driver: G Uma

Many women had broken up claiming the differences and discrimination women are facing. One of the women is standing freely and proving many people and their minds wrong Ji Uma. Uma, a cab driver, believes that the biggest stereotype she has overcome in her ten years in the industry is that women can neither drive nor support their families.

Uma left Kolar ten years ago and since then she has become a successful cab driver, loved by her passengers and respected by her colleagues. Uma claims that as soon as her father lost her eyesight, her mother took control of the house. He said that his brother helped him learn to drive and that his father supported him.
Uma’s brother, a truck driver, had died in a car accident six years ago, just a week after applying for a job in KSRTC. He explained that he also made the uniform. His current ambition is to become a KSRTC driver, put on that uniform and inform his mother that her son is still alive. Uma also wants to start a driving school for orphan girls

Inspirational Women Farmer : Pammal

The work of this 2021 Padma Shri award winner begins in broad daylight – visiting her 2.5-acre farm in Thekkampatti village of Coimbatore. Celebrated as a pioneer not only in his area but also in his community, Papammal has been elected twice to the local panchayat – once as a ward member of Thekkampatti panchayat, and twice as a councilor of the Karamadai panchayat.

As a lead farmer at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), she has leveraged her voice to inspire farmer activism and recognize the role of women in agriculture, while actively promoting women farmers. Encouraged to participate and participate in agriculture-extension activities. In decision making on the farm and at home. While his 2.5-acre land remains an active site for home science and agriculture students to learn organic and sustainable farming practices, his latest recognition is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Thekkampatti to honor him with the Padma Shri award earlier this year. received from the trip.

The oldest working farmer in Thekkampatti, Papammal is the definition of a ‘living legend’ – continues to inspire farmers and politicians for his commitment to promoting organic farming in India.

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