THESE maintenance tips will extend the life of your car


New Delhi: Your car needs additional care. Maintenance alone does not guarantee that the car will not have problems. No car customer would want their car to be broken midway. But this problem can occur in all types of vehicles, new and old. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of some things. Here we tell you about the five things you should always keep in your car.

Take care of the tire pressure
The car’s tire pressure not only affects mileage, but is also the cause of accidents from time to time. Check the tire pressure every time you need to take the car somewhere. Nowadays, tire pressure monitoring has also started to come in many modern vehicles. The air in the tires can also be checked and filled for free at many gas pumps.

Change the oils and oil filter
Your car won’t run properly without lubricant. That’s why it uses oil and an oil filter. After a long period of use, the oil and oil filter must be changed. The brake fluid must also be checked monthly.

Battery maintenance
Car battery maintenance is also important. Clean it from time to time as dirt can reduce the current. Wipe it off with a damp cloth. Avoid leaving the car running when the ignition is off, as this can reduce battery life.

Fix the wipers
Defective windshield wipers not only affect the driver’s vision, but also endanger everyone’s safety. Avoid driving in such conditions and repair the wipers whenever necessary. Wipers are used the most during the monsoon season.

Clean the engine
Use clean fuel to keep your engine clean and strong from the inside. From time to time it should also be cleaned from the outside. Leakage and dust and debris can damage the engine, so use any engine cleaner to wipe away the dirt.

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