“ They say ‘die Modi’… People say ‘don’t go Modi’…” PM’s sharp…..


Modi’s speech on North East election results: Addressing the party workers after the big victory in Nagaland and Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this election result has ended the distance between hearts and it is focused on new thoughts.

Addressing a party worker at the BJP headquarters, he said this is a new era, a new era of history.

“Being Prime Minister, I had the opportunity to visit the Northeast again and again. That makes me happier than winning the election. I have won the hearts of the people of the Northeast,” PM Modi said.

In his speech, the Prime Minister took a sharp position regarding the opposition parties.

”We have some well wishers who are having issues with Bhartiya Janta Party’s winning streak. Wondering what is the secret of BJP’s victory? I haven’t seen TV yet, I don’t know if they have started misusing EVM or not,” PM Modi said.

Attacking the opposition, he said: Some people talk about digging Modi’s grave, no matter how much they talk about it, the lotus blooms… Now some people say ‘die Modi’… When they say that, people say ‘don’. don’t go Modi

He gave all credit to the work done by the BJP governments, the work culture of the Party and the hard work of the party workers. He refers to this trio as ‘Triveni’.

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