This is how Ginger (अदरक) can boost your immunity in Winters


New Delhi: Ginger (अदरक) is consumed in many ways. Many diseases can be cured by its consumption. Ginger is also included in grandmother’s recipes. When there is pain or a sore throat, it is recommended to eat ginger.

Ginger (अदरक) is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and potassium and is also used to prepare vegetables. Today, however, we give you tips that you can use to avoid diseases. So what’s the delay, know the benefits of ginger.


Ginger tea

After all, who doesn’t drink tea? Some people are crazy about tea and don’t know how many times they drink tea in a day. Some people really like the taste of ginger, so they drink more ginger in tea. Those who catch cold quickly in cold weather should drink ginger tea in winter. Ginger tea warms the body and keeps it away from diseases. In winter, we also give ginger tea to our guests who come to our house.


Ginger decoction

The decoction is very beneficial in winter. To prepare the ginger decoction, take a glass of water and add cloves, black pepper, cloves, large cardamom. After that, the water should be boiled until it is reduced by half. When the water is half, take this water and drink it. This will get rid of cold and cough in winter. Start drinking it daily.

Ginger soup

Some people don’t drink tea, they can eat ginger soup. You can add ginger to broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, any vegetable you like, and eat the soup. If you add ginger to the soup, the nutritional content of the soup channel increases, which helps you stay fit and keeps the body warm. Therefore, ginger soup should be consumed in winter.

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