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Coriander juice recipe: Many people have probably eaten cilantro chusas, but have you ever drunk coriander juice? Perhaps very few people would have drunk its juice, but it is very useful.

At the same time, the taste is also very delicious, and the recipe for its preparation is also very simple. So today we will tell you how to make coriander juice at home. And what are its advantages.

In fact, the compounds beta-cryptoxanthin, beta-carotene, kaempferol and quercetin are abundant in coriander leaves. It is also a good source of vitamin C. Its use helps prevent many health problems.

Coriander juice recipe: Ingredients

A small bunch of coriander leaves, juice of a lemon, salt, water

How to make coriander juice
To make cilantro juice, you must first remove the coriander leaves and clean them thoroughly. Afterwards, wash it off with clean water. Then cut it with a knife, then take a grinder.

Then add coriander leaves and grind it finely and make a smooth paste. After that, add water as needed and grind again. After that, we take a sieve, filter the juice and collect it in a container. Then add lemon juice and serve.


1. Strengthens immunity.
2. Improves digestion.
3. Increases metabolism.
4. Reduces inflammation.
5. Regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels.
6. Detoxifies, improves liver and heart health.

Legal notice: The aim of the relevant article is to increase the reader’s information and awareness. We humbly request you to seek medical advice in this regard. Our goal is only to provide you with information.

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