This product worth Rs 60 per kg will be sold for Rs 300 per kg, bringing in 4000 per day


My friends, everyone wants to be able to do their own thing. In which he can win well. But we believe that it takes a lot of money to get a good deal, because the bigger the investment, the bigger the gains will be. But it’s not like that at all. There are many businesses that can start at low cost and generate big profits.

Today we are going to tell you about such a business that you can start from anywhere in your village or town and earn very good profit at very low cost. There is a demand for this product in every corner of India and you will have no problem selling this product.

Friends, we are talking about Garlic Peeling, that is, peeling garlic. For this business you will only have to buy a single machine in which the garlic is prepared to be sold at the hotel restaurant, Vagera. You can buy garlic very cheaply wholesale and prepare and sell it for a very high price.

You can sell garlic bought at the price of only Rs 60 per kg for at least Rs 300 per kg and earn around Rs 4000 per day. Likewise, you can pack onions, peanuts and many similar products in this machine and pack them and sell them very expensively and they will be sold very easily in hotel restaurants.

You can buy this machine for just Rs 11500 and you will save thousands of rupees per month from home. For complete information on this company and this machine, watch the video below….

Vinayak machines
Address: 54.55 Mansarova Complex Opp Gurudwara chhani Road Vadodara Gujarat
Contact: 93138 27701, 6354-441543

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