This Rs 5 lakh EV car is coming to gallop in the narrow streets, know launch date


PMV EaS-E: A compact electric car made in India will soon be launched in the country. It costs HUF 4-5 million. Mumbai-based PMV Electric’s PMV EaS-E car will be launched on November 16. This is PMV Electric’s new vehicle in the Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) segment.

The range of the PMV Electric will be between 120 and 200 kilometers. Charging the battery takes 4 hours. It will be available in three different configurations. It will be a micro-electric vehicle. It’s called the PMV EaS-E, and the company says it’s a car people can use for work. This small car is specially designed for narrow streets and markets.

The range of the car ranges from 120 km to 200 km on a single charge. The range is determined by the version selected by the customer. According to the PMV, the vehicle’s battery is charged in 4 hours. The manufacturer provides a 3 kW AC charger.

The vehicle is equipped with a digital infotainment system, USB charging port, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and remote parking assist, cruise control, seat belts and other features. The micro electric car will measure 2,915 mm in length, 1,157 mm in width and 1,600 mm in height. It will have a wheelbase of 2087 mm and a ground clearance of 170 mm.

The curb weight of the electric vehicle will be around 550 kg. It takes up less parking space and it will be easier to get out of the crowd.

“We are very happy to officially launch the product,” says Kalpit Patel, founder of PMV Electric. “This will be a major milestone for the company because we have developed a world-class product manufactured by an Indian company. We are excited to electrify the country and launch a new segment called Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) for everyday use.”

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