Today it is raining a lot all over the country and people driving in this weather need to be more careful on the road. If you get stuck while driving in an area where the road is full of rainwater, it is better to go back in this situation, but if you still want to get your vehicle off that road safely. And that’s why today we’re going to tell you some similar driving tips and tricks that can help you out of this situation. Note that driving in water should be avoided as much as possible, but still follow these tips for any emergencies.

Drive in the middle

If you have to drive on a flooded or waterlogged road, you should forget the lane and call the car in the middle of the road because this is where the least amount of water collects.

Drive with other cars

Taking care of other vehicles as well, it is safer for you to single lane behind the vehicle in front instead of running at the same level as the other vehicle, this helps your vehicle grip the road.

Cross only when the water is low

Even just 15 cm of water accumulated on the road can reduce your vehicle’s control, so don’t try to do this in deeper water.

Slow down the car

Do not drive fast on waterlogged roads. If you have to cross full water on the road, keep your speed only 1-2 km and after leaving the water, drive at a speed of 7-8 km to save your engine from the water.

Drive in low gear

In this situation, drive in a low gear for the safety of your car, while driving an automatic car, keep the speed low to stay in first or second gear.

Dry the brake

Use light brakes while driving at low speeds after leaving the water, which makes it easier for your brakes to dry out to prevent skidding.


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