Tips to keep your car battery healthy; Check here


New Delhi: Sometimes a strange situation arises because the car does not start, and sometimes a very important work is missed. Get angry with anger. Now nothing like this will happen if you follow these simple steps.

distilled water

Keep checking the battery water from time to time. Only use distilled water (water) when it is low. This is absolutely pure water. There is no inaccuracy in it, if you accidentally or inadvertently give plain water, the TDS will quickly damage the car battery.

battery station

It is also called Nakha in simple and common language. This is where the car wire is connected to the battery. Here after a few days you will find acid deposits, which continue to clean. It freezes at one point. Keeping it clean will not damage the wire.

Vaseline or Vaseline

If the acid is frozen on the terminal of your car battery, it will freeze due to a chemical reaction. It starts to damage the wire attached to the battery very quickly. This is why so many people put Greece on hold due to lack of correct information. This is a mistake. You should only use Vaseline or Vaseline on the battery terminal. Battery terminals and wires are highly protected from acid deposition.

Replace the battery in time

Because the battery is a chemical reaction thing. It should be changed in time to avoid any kind of risk. It should not be thrown somewhere like this, but while taking a new battery, it should be given to the dealer who bought the battery, from whom he will also give you money for the battery and send this battery to the company for recycling. . Also, take care of the company and warranty while taking a new battery.

Simple and safe drive

To get good output from any device, it is necessary to take care of the device and use it carefully. If you drive your car correctly, there will be no unnecessary stress on the battery and the car battery will last for a long time without any problem.

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