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Kitchen Hacks: It often happens that the salt in vegetables or lentils becomes sharp, because of which we either have to throw the food away or eat it reluctantly. If you cook the vegetables with a lot of heart, but the salt accidentally turns out to be spicy, then the mood is spoiled. Because the increase in salt spoils the taste of the whole food.

If this happens to you too, don’t worry. Because today we have brought you tips that will not let your food taste bad. Let us know your special tips to balance out the increased salt and keep your food tasting good.

Reduce Salt With Pasta (Kitchen Hacks)

If the salt in your vegetables or legumes becomes sharp, don’t worry. Because we are going to tell you a very good idea. If this happens, we form a ball of flour in the vegetable and add it to the lentils, this will absorb all the excess salt and the salt will be balanced.

Reduce the salt with the cottage cheese

When the salt in the prepared vegetable becomes sharp, the whole test goes wrong. But if you add dahi dal, then the increased salt can be reduced. For this, beat 2-3 tablespoons of cottage cheese well and mix it well into the vegetables. This increases the flavor of the vegetable and also reduces the salt content.

Reduce the salt with boiled potatoes

If the vegetable becomes less spicy, you can reduce it. To do this, take a boiled potato and steam it in vegetables or legumes. Now leave it like that for a while. If you want, throw it away or make parathas etc.

Reduce the salt content of dry vegetables with gram flour

When the salt becomes sharp in the dry vegetable, you will be very tense. In fact, whenever this happens, we mix gram flour with the dry vegetable and cook it well for some time. This reduces the salt and also increases the flavor of the vegetable.

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