Top Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites for improving page ranking


Top Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites for improving page ranking


If you have any website then you need to improve its page ranking on Google in order to get potential customers and make the business grow. Many times, people get confused about how to increase the page ranking? One of the best ways is to make use of Dofollow social bookmarking sites. Whether you have a blog post or a website, these social networking sites are considered very important. If you want a good position of your particular blog post then it is a must to create quality backlink so that the social bookmarking site becomes handy to get the backlinks.


Before we start discussing the top Dofollow social bookmarking sites, we need to understand what these sites are all about.


What is a social bookmarking site?


A social bookmarking site is a site on which the users of the internet in order to share their blog posts, videos, images, and other content. This site is also used for creating the bookmarks online rather than saving them to anywhere else. The main purpose of this bookmarking site is to improve the search engine position of the websites or the blogposts.



To write a separate article for every social websites or post is not possible as it would be so time-consuming. By sharing the updates on social websites will help you in generating a quick index link. Apart from this, it will also help you in increasing the social presence of the website. With social bookmarking sites, you’ll be able to get a good amount of traffic to your websites.


Benefits of using social bookmarking sites


Undoubtedly, it will help in increasing your website traffic.
In addition, the page ranking of your website will also increase
Apart from this, you will be able to dofollow backlink that increases the website’s domain authority.



Let’s have a look at some of the highly demanded, popular and higher diamond authority social bookmarking websites:

 Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites all across the globe that has connected millions of active users. According to surveys, this Social website page ranking of 9. With Twitter, posting the links, content or images via your account that means you have bookmarked them. You can freely edit or add more content to them. Twitter is having page ranking 10 as per the researches. This website is beneficial for the business, non-profits, professionals, and corporations. There are more than 1 million registered users on this website so it has got a substantial audience. Another important social bookmarking site is Reddit that ranks 8 on the Google search engine. In Reddit, multiple users can submit the links to videos, stories or images that appear interesting to them. Reddit users can either downvote or upvote them. This website is working perfectly fine because of its 8-page ranking. This site comes with an excellent toolbar that makes the addition of details simple. Along with this, it also allows you to enter your interests show relevant content that is submitted by other users. It also an important bookmarking website that enables you to improve the ranking of your website.



Apart from all these, there are many other sites that highly beneficial when it comes to increasing website traffic. These include:




It can be concluded that social bookmarking sites are useful for improving page range and getting more traffic. Therefore, you should make it easy for visitors to share on social websites.

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