Trade rift between US and China would undermine world’s capacity to deal with challenges, says UN Chief


ASEAN Summit: At a Saturday press conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that the world economy cannot afford to split into two opposing camps.

“As I said at yesterday’s summit, we must avoid at all costs the world economy splitting into two parts, led by the two largest economies – the United States and China,” the UN Secretary-General said at the Cambodian conference. capital.

“Such a rupture with two different sets of rules, two dominant currencies, two Internets and two opposing AI strategies would undermine the world’s ability to respond to the dramatic challenges we face,” he added.

Guterres said ASEAN countries are well positioned to bridge this gap, stressing that “we need a global economy and a global market that everyone can access.”

The UN chief also briefed on some of the topics of the summit, including the situation in Myanmar, which he called “an endless horror for the people of the country and a threat to peace and security in the entire region.”

“At ASEAN, I condemned the appalling human rights situation in Myanmar and reiterated my call on the country’s authorities to release all political prisoners and initiate a comprehensive process to return to a democratic transition. I also urged countries to develop a regional framework to protect refugees,” he wrote on Twitter.

Since February 2021, when the military overthrew the government, Myanmar has been experiencing a political, human rights and humanitarian crisis.

The UN chief claimed that ASEAN’s five-point consensus represented a principled approach to the problem. According to UN News, the Ukrainian conflict, the world’s energy and food crisis, and the climate emergency were also discussed during the day-long meeting.

“In these turbulent times, regional organizations, including ASEAN, are indispensable for developing global solutions,” Guterres told reporters.

The COP27 UN climate summit is currently taking place in Egypt, from where the Secretary General is currently in Cambodia.

To pool resources and strengthen capacity to fight climate change, Guterres urges developed and emerging economies to sign a climate solidarity pact.

It also calls on leaders to agree on a system of financial support for nations suffering loss and damage from climate-related disasters.

The next stop on the UN chief’s trip will be Bali, Indonesia, where the G20 summit of the world’s largest economies will take place and begin on Tuesday.

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