Troubled by power cuts? Get this cheap Portable Solar Generator for just Rs 17,999, will last for hours…


Portable Generator: Power outages are typical in many cities, lasting two to four hours a day. In this case, you will not be able to operate many household appliances, including the TV and the fan. If you don’t have electricity in your home, you can face many problems, including the interruption of your children’s schooling. Keeping in mind that this cannot happen to you, today we have developed for you a portable solar generator that can power the appliances in your home for hours.

What exactly is this generator?

The power generator we are talking about is called the SR Portables Solar Generator and costs Rs 17,999 on Amazon. Besides being very small, it also has a handle so you can pick it up. Stack it up and take it anywhere. Thanks to its light weight, it can be easily installed anywhere. You can take it with you and use it wherever you need it.

Which devices provide the power supply?

When it comes to power, this portable solar generator can light up LED bulbs for 25 hours, run a refrigerator for 3 hours, run a desk fan for over 2 hours, and power a desk fan for over 3 hours. A smart LED TV can supply a laptop for more than 4 hours.

In addition, you can charge your drone up to 10 times with this solar generator. Overall, this is a powerful product to power the household appliances you use in your home.

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