TTP intensifies war against Pakistan, poses headache for Imran Khan


Islamabad: The Pakistan military establishment and the country’s general population celebrated when the Taliban overthrew the elected Afghan government to capture Kabul and re-establish its rule over Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan’s misconception that it had managed to win a proxy war against India in Afghanistan turned out to be false when the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) with the support of its Pashtun brethren began conducting regular attacks inside Pakistan. . Afghan Taliban.

A report said that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has returned to its violent ways in Pakistan, a major challenge to the Imran Khan government after the Taliban takeover. The horrors of the Peshawar Army School attack still haunt Islamabad. has been, a report said.

The International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS) stated that the TTP has returned to violent methods since 2014 and, since the summer of last year, had repeatedly discussed with the authorities the increase in the number of attacks by the group in recent months in Pakistan. The bar is more dangerously connected. ) After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, its victory prompted the TTP (Pakistani Taliban) to intensify attacks in Pakistan.

The group claimed to have carried out 32 attacks in August 2021 alone, the highest monthly figure for this year. IFFRAS said that on September 5 last year, three Pakistani paramilitary forces were killed in an attack.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been advocating for a ‘reconciliation’ with the TTP, despite frequent attacks by the group in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been seeking the Taliban’s help against the TTP after Islamabad honored the Taliban for grabbing power in Afghanistan.

However, it appears that Islamabad has seriously miscalculated its strategies, either intentionally or realistically – both possible as the Taliban and the TTP have considerable support from society and may even have been new in Kabul. There are also admirers among those holding important positions in the Taliban regime.

IFFRAS said that Pakistan now realizes that the TTP, the Taliban rulers of Kabul, will do nothing to oust their ideological and bloody brethren who had fought alongside them and helped them to victory.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan government is attempting to strike a deal with the TTP, either through the Afghan Taliban or by other means as Islamabad still fears the Peshawar Army School attack by the TTP on 16 December 2014, which resulted in the deaths. . 130 students.

Last month, Pakistanis recalled the attack with anger and mourning, and not just by parents and relatives of dead children, with members of civil society warning the Pakistan government against entering into a “peace settlement” with the TTP.

The TTP created havoc in Pakistan with its many attacks between 2007-2014. TTP members fled to Afghanistan after Islamabad launched a massive operation against the group after the Peshawar attack.

But the Taliban’s rise to power has prompted the TTP to intensify attacks targeting its forces in Pakistan and present a major challenge to Islamabad despite their calls for talks, IFFRAS said.

First Published:January 11, 2022, 11:06 pm

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